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You can choose music of your choice. Very healing to the body, when your float away.



The open Door- Deep Red

To help one relax, opening your mind and body to relax and receive. Open door has a positive effect on our blood, bone’s, and brain.


Pick one out of five:


1.Great Wakening - Dark Blue

This frequency is cleansing to your emotions and will even soothe an upset stomach. Also improves function of the pancreas, heart, blood and circulatory.


2.The Bridge - Blue

A place of forgiveness in our hearts and helps get over ourselves and make peace with one another. May improves with endocrine system and adrenal glands and gallbladder issues.


3.Transformation- Bright Green

Brings balance to your whole body, mind, and soul.Helps with Hormones, pelvic issue, premenstrual sync home, pre-menopause, muscle tension, heart muscle, weight problems.


4.Deserts Sojourn - Bright Red

The beautiful results of this music are it helps with the negative cycles we get ourselves stuck in. This frequency helps with sluggishness, lethargy, gallbladder weakness, lower back problems and headaches due to diet.


5.The Key of David -Yellow is the music that ties it all together. Adding more strength and positive in our lives.



The Majestic – Purple


We can think of this frequency as a celebration of life. Like the purple in the mountains, which gives us a thankful heart towards our higher power.


Others to choose from:


Pink Floyd       Focus Concentration         Meditation               Positive Meditation      Ocean Waves   Bach, Cello Suite

Root Chakra Sounds Bath   Relaxing Piano & Gentle Rain    Gentle Rain   Boost Positive Energy 

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I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

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