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Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy involves the use of negative pressure to create a vacuum to pull tissues and fluids to the surface, which helps reduce muscle tension and adhesions, promotes emotional well-being by reducing anxiety, and supports immune function through detoxification. At Bare Necessities Floating and Massage, we will be using Traditional cupping therapy, involving movement as well as stationary cupping, as an integrated supplement to our massage sessions.

Stress and physical trauma can cause blood and energy to become stuck in particular areas, resulting in fluid build-up, poor circulation, lack of physical movement, pain, and eventually disease. Cupping therapy is another modality using the suctioning of cups to draw up the skin and open the pores in order to stimulate and mobilize blood, lymph, and qi energy. This healing method balances and realigns flow by breaking up obstructions and creating avenues for toxins to be drawn out of the body.

*Cupping can cause non-permanent red marks, swelling, and bruising at local areas for a few days to a week.


Add- on  Cupping for $10


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