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Welcome To Bare Necessities Floating and Massage

Thank you for your interest in Bare Necessities Floating and Massage in Arvada, CO

Looking for a new experience?  Try the ultimate tool for relaxation.  Our sensory deprivation tank will help you to relax your muscles and clear your mind. If you experience chronic pain, enjoy meditation, feel overwhelmed by sensory over load, are looking for that competitive edge, or just want to relax, then treat yourself to a session in our Fire  & Ice  or Float Room!  


Here at Bare Necessities Floating and Massage believes in taking care of the whole person. Wellness and relaxation should be accessible to all, and refreshing, and help you to unwind. We are committed to providing the highest quality of float therapy and massage therapy services in a relaxed, safe and comfortable setting. We strive to help clients achieve positive results to balance body, relieve stress, relieve aches and pains, and promote well being.


Bare Necessities Floating and Massage asks:

 if you have experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms, have travelled outside of the country, or been in contact with anyone affected by COVID-19 in the 14 days previous to my appointment. Please call ASAP to reschedule your appointment.

Combining Fire & Ice,  float with a Massage
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The Fire and Ice room contains a private infrared sauna and unlimited cold plunging.  Contrast therapy (Hot/Cold therapy) strengthens the tubes in the muscles, arteries and veins, increasing their efficiency in moving blood to the extremities and back to the vital organs. This increases both oxygen circulation and nutrient absorption in the body.  While expereincing the deep heat of the sauna, blood is pumped away from the core to the extremities, causing the blood vessels to open.  Immesion in the cold plunge, causes the tubes in the muscles, arteries and veins to flex, in order to draw the blood back to the core and vital organs. 


To enhance your float session and to get the greatest relaxation benefits possible we recommend adding a massage to your float session!

Whether to have a massage before or after your float is personal preference.

The body requires magnesium for the muscles to relax. Soaking in a float room prior to a massage provides the added benefit of the muscles getting to that state of relaxation before the massage even begins. With your muscles relaxed, your massage therapist will be able to access the layers of tension more quickly and can work deeper, with less effort, producing significant changes and longer lasting results to your body.


A float after a massage, will allow you to relax more quickly into the float room environment.  Floating after a massage has the benefit of soothing sore muscles that have been worked on, helping reduce the level of tenderness muscles sometimes feel following a massage treatment.  Floating also draws out toxins that are released during the massage. Your skin is highly porous and soaking in the float room actually pulls salt out of the body taking harmful toxins along with it.

A Fire & Ice, Float and Massage combination is an amazingly relaxing & rejuvenating experience.  You will leave feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful. You may find that this could possibly be one of the most relaxing experiences you will ever have!   Book Separately.

 Our Facilities

Our professional, licensed massage therapists will provide a high quality Floating and massage therapy at a reasonable cost in a comfortable and pleasant clean environment.  Let Bare Necessities Floating and Massage  provide an opportunity for you to indulge and renew yourself.   

What Our Customers Are Saying


I love this place. The massages are out of this world fantastic and the staff are friendly, kind, and so helpful. The facility is super clean and very cozy. Bare Necessities is an Arvada gem! Highly recommend treating yourself to a fabulous 60 minute massage! 


This place is amazing! I did the fire & ice plunge, float, then massage. Each session was even better than the last. It was my first time doing float therapy and it was an incredible meditative experience. The staff here are incredibly professional and helpful. I had Matt for my massage, and he was great to work with! Very communicative about pressure, areas of tension, etc. I’ve already booked my next session with him!

I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

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