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Combining A Float with A Massage

To enhance your float session and to get the greatest relaxation benefits possible we recommend adding a massage to your float session!

Whether to have a massage before or after your float is personal preference.

The body requires magnesium for the muscles to relax. Soaking in a float room prior to a massage provides the added benefit of the muscles getting to that state of relaxation before the massage even begins. With your muscles relaxed, your massage therapist will be able to access the layers of tension more quickly and can work deeper, with less effort, producing significant changes and longer lasting results to your body.


A massage/float combination is an amazingly relaxing & rejuvenating experience.  You will leave feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful. You may find that this could possibly be one of the most relaxing experiences you will ever have!


We've always been sticklers for cleanliness. Now we are taking additional steps to create a safe and clean environment for our customers.

Hibernation Float + Massage   
(60 mins. Float + 60 mins. Massage)
1st time $100
Regular Rate        $155

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