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Checking In
Our procedures have temporarily changed in response to the pandemic, these changes are outlined on our homepage, in your appointment confirmation emails and waviers.

Please when setting up you account.


If, you have account alreading- use email, then click forgot password- to reset password.


You will be asked to provide your personal info. We do not sell your personal information or send promotional mailings.


You will also be asked to provide an emergency contact, if no emergency contact is nor provided, 911 will be listed for your emergency contact.

What you'll need for Fire & Ice

We provide everything you need to for Fire & Ice, If you wear contacts, you'll want to bring a case to keep them in, as well as any personal items you may need, such as a hairbrush ,we have towels and robes. You can do naked!  If you wear a swim suit- You can video yourself doing a cold plunge- to show your love ones you did a cold plunge!


PLEASE BRING A WATER BOTTLE - you can feel bottle here 

If you have have music you like , bring your phone, the sauna has a bluetooth to listen to your favorite relaxing music.


What you'll need for a float

We provide everything you need to float, If you wear contacts, you'll want to bring a case to keep them in, as well as any personal items you may need, such as a hairbrush ,we have sandles if receiving a massage.


(No, you don't need to bring a swimsuit, unless float with someone you would be uncomfortable.

Here is a run-through of what to expect when you arrive at Bare Necessities Floating and Massage for the first time, as well as some simple tips and best practices to help you prepare for and get the most out of your float. 

An open mind is all you need.

Part of the beauty of floating is that no two experiences are ever the same. No two people will have the same experience, and for every person, each session is in most ways unique.


Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth session, coming with an open mind will serve you the best. If you are new to floating, here are some additional guidelines to ensure you have a great experience.

images (1).jpg

What to expect:  An Introductory video - Coming Soon

  • When you first arrive, we will ask you want you would what kind of music you would like . Here is a list at the bottom of page.


  • We will give you the chance to use the restroom then take you to your private float room where we explain the tanks, give you our "tips" and answer any questions.


  • You’ll shower, put in the provided wax ear plugs, and put Vaseline on any scrapes or cuts.



  • Step into the cabin ,once you lay back in the water, find a position that feels most comfortable, and try the neck cushion if you feel it’s needed. It may take a few moments to adapt to the sensation of weightlessness. Calm, steady breathing will help you relax. Within minutes, your body and mind will begin to let go.

  • Your experience may be quiet, creative, visual, or something entirely different. Given the space to fully rest, your body and mind will do what they need.



  • A soothing audio track will to play an introductory.


  • Adjust the music and lights or have stars It can also be played throughout or turn all off to your comfort.

  • A soothing audio track will play at then end to tell you your session is over. The jets will turn on if you don't hear the audio track.

  • Exit the cabin, shower and share your experience.

  • If your receiving a massage- put on a rode and your sandals.

  • If you like to blow dry hair and use the restroom before your session or don't want to leave with wet hair.

  • We will serve you some water to keep you from getting hydrated. Drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep. Then come back and see us whenever you’re ready.

  • Share your experience.


You can choose music of your choice. Very healing to the body, when your float away.

download (2).jpg


The open Door- Deep Red

To help one relax, opening your mind and body to relax and receive. Open door has a positive effect on our blood, bone’s, and brain.


Pick one out of five:


1.Great Wakening - Dark Blue

This frequency is cleansing to your emotions and will even soothe an upset stomach. Also improves function of the pancreas, heart, blood and circulatory.


2.The Bridge - Blue

A place of forgiveness in our hearts and helps get over ourselves and make peace with one another. May improves with endocrine system and adrenal glands and gallbladder issues.


3.Transformation- Bright Green

Brings balance to your whole body, mind, and soul.Helps with Hormones, pelvic issue, premenstrual sync home, pre-menopause, muscle tension, heart muscle, weight problems.


4.Deserts Sojourn - Bright Red

The beautiful results of this music are it helps with the negative cycles we get ourselves stuck in. This frequency helps with sluggishness, lethargy, gallbladder weakness, lower back problems and headaches due to diet.


5.The Key of David -Yellow is the music that ties it all together. Adding more strength and positive in our lives.



The Majestic – Purple


We can think of this frequency as a celebration of life. Like the purple in the mountains, which gives us a thankful heart towards our higher power.


Others to choose from:


Pink Floyd                Focus Concentration           Meditation               Positive Meditation      


  • If floating has inspired insights or creative ideas, you may want to take a few notes immediately after your session. ​


  • While we schedule sessions with enough time for you to clean up and gently transition back to the outside world, we do need about 15 minutes to clean each cabin in between appointments. We don’t want you to rush, but we can’t accommodate prolonged primping either. 


  • To maximize the physical and mental benefits of floating, we encourage moving at a slower pace for the rest of the day.


  • Drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep. Then come back and see us whenever you’re ready.

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